2021 Judicial Candidate Questionnaires

Responses to JAT’s 2021 Judicial Candidate Questionnaire

The Judge Accountability Table (JAT) has been working tirelessly to educate Philadelphians on the importance of the judicial race. We will be holding this year’s Judge the Judges Forum virtually on March 30th and 31st. More information on the forum will be shared soon. Meanwhile, we have reached out to the candidates running for the Court of Common Pleas and for the Municipal Court and have asked them to fill out our questionnaire. We are now sharing these answered questionnaires with the community to help you in your decision making process when you vote for judges this Spring. 

A Tale of Two Courtrooms

The differences in the outcomes for Friday’s hearings speaks for itself: the prosecutor in the room matters, and judges will follow their lead. On Friday, all the parole hearings (plus one bail hearing that has been going on for days) happened in Judge Charles Ehrlich’s courtroom. The ADA objected (in some cases, “strenuously!”) to 13Continue reading “A Tale of Two Courtrooms”

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